The Funky Munkys

We are a girls club comprised of 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders at The Montessori School in Lutherville, Maryland.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Funky Munky Poetry

Funky Munky Poetry is HERE!!!

We learned a lot! First we composed short poems. Some wrote haikus, some wrote cinquains, and some wrote both. Then we recorded them, using my cell phone. Leanna was not feeling well that day, but she joined us at the end and recited a couplet she had written a while back. Two of the moms wrote and recorded poems as well.

Alexa, Sara's little sister, was encouraged to recite Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She was so funny. When she got stuck I tried whispering the words to her as a prompt, but all she did was whisper back. After I downloaded the file from my phone I had to edit myself out, hugely amplify what was left, and delete a lot of noise as well as silence. An audio engineer I am not!

I figured out how to use a free program called Audacity to edit and tweak the files, and then convert them into .mp3s. Then I used StudioOdeo to upload them to my Odeo account, and now they are here!!!

Sadly, I learned that the recording mechanism on my Treo 600 is horrible. I have an old Sony digital voice recorder which is better but not great. The mike I use with my laptop is fine, but if the Funky Munkys are going to get into podcasting maybe we ought to invest in one of those nifty recorders that radio producers use. Not very expensive, I'd bet. (My good mike can be used with my old Sony recorder, but unfortunately, that gives us a bunch of audio in a stupid proprietary format that you have to convert to .wav first. ARGH!)

Click for poetry by: Alexa Adelaide Cecile Leanna Margo Nicole Olivia Sara


Thursday, November 16, 2006

When a Tree Falls...'s a great time to sit on a log and draw. Pictured: Jardon and Cecile.

Drawing on a Log

Here is one of the pics taken when the girls were out drawing. Pictured: Adelaide, Leanna, and Olivia.

Nature Pics

Carol, Leeanna's mom, took some pictures one day when the girls were drawing outdoors. Here is a sample.
Very interesting fungus!

Some Funky Munkys

Here are some Funky Munky images taken from our girls' notebooks. More to come. We've also written and recorded some poetry, and are trying to figure out how to upload it.